Medical Skincare: Anti-Aging

Our skin ageing is shaped by a wide range of influences that act both externally (extrinsic) and internally (intrinsic).

It is important for a successful anti-aging treatment to analyse both categories individually with the client.

At Essential Beauty, special attention is paid to the consequences of
- Inflamm-aging (inflammatory process) and
- Advanced Glycation (saccharification).

With MEDICAL SKINCARE therapies and DERMACEUTICALS that have a high concentration of active ingredients, it is now possible to successfully

Signs of ageing such as:

» Lines, wrinkles and fine lines «

» coarse/bad microrelief and macrorelief «

» Solar damage to the epidermis «

» Hyperpigmentation «

» Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation «

» grey/pale skin «

» Sagging of the skin «

» Volume loss «

» Enlarged pores «

 als Alternative zu invasiven Eingriffen zu behandeln!

In addition, we can partly use incorrectly set
treat Botox and filler injections!

It is also possible to prepare the skin for Botox and filler treatments in a way that maximises the success of the procedure!

We also do pre- and postoperative treatments!


» Wrinkle minimisation «

» Lighten hyperpigmentation «

» Volume building through CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy) «

» Pore refinement «

» Fine micro relief «» Fine micro relief «

» Tightening of the skin; the skin gains radiance and luminosity; active ingredient depots are created in all layers of the skin «

» Scar therapy «

These treatments are powerful, result-oriented treatments, for which there is always a detailed explanatory talk and also a thorough anamnesis in advance!

All therapies are risk-free!

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