The latest generation of skin beautification

Effectiveness scientifically proven!

The IONTO-MESO method is an effective innovation in apparative cosmetics at the latest technological level!

The combination of microneedling & ultrasound, together with the use of cellulose masks, is particularly effective and ensures luminous fresh youthful skin.

Applications for:

» Wrinkles «

» sagging / atrophic skin «

» sallow / poorly perfused skin «

» Couperose (sono treatment) «

» impure skin ect. «

The successes of the method are:

» Revitalisation of sun-damaged or smoker's skin «

» Regeneration of atrophic skin «

» Skin rejuvenation «

» Skin refinement «

» Reduction of wrinkles «

» Skin texture improvement for sallow skin «

» Prevention «

Treatment cures:

Depending on the skin type, an effective IONTO-MESO Sono Cure should be
include 6-10 treatments with 1 session every 2 weeks.

Individual skin areas, such as the lip or eye area,
can be treated particularly intensively.

A maximum of three treatments per year should be applied,
to stimulate the skin's own regeneration.

Preventive treatments are carried out every 4 weeks.

Treatment for aesthetic plastic surgery & injections:

MESO-Sono treatments can improve the overall appearance of the skin,
as well as the quality of the scars. The regeneration is
accelerated and the supply of active ingredients is sustainably optimised.

In order to build up your own collagen, MESO-Sono treatments are highly recommended
up to six weeks before injections with fillers! sehr empfehlenswert!

Special packages for cures are offered

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